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October 5-7

How it works?

Exhibitor applications are only accepted by the online submission process outlined below.

Step 1

Check out the floor plan

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Fill the online application form

Step 3

We will contact with you and receive your payment

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Become An Exhibitor

Online Application

Please check the floor plan in order to see the distribution of the stands in the exhibition area.


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Select a Stand

Please select a stand. If you require more than one stand, you can apply multiple times.

[bt_cc_item name=”Stand No” type=”select” value=”A1;2880;4×4 meter, 2 open sides A8;2400;4×4 meter, 1 open sides A12;2400;4×4 meter, 1 open sides A13;2400;4×4 meter, 1 open sides A14;2400;4×4 meter, 1 open sides A15;2400;4×4 meter, 1 open sides A16;1200;4×2 meter, 1 open sides A17;2400;4×4 meter, 1 open sides A18;2400;4×4 meter, 1 open sides A25;1800;4×3 meter, 1 open sides A30;1800;4×3 meter, 1 open sides A31;1800;4×3 meter, 1 open sides B14;1800;4×3 meter, 1 open sides B26;1800;4×3 meter, 1 open sides B21;1800;4×3 meter, 1 open sides B20;1800;4×3 meter, 1 open sides B17;1800;4×3 meter, 1 open sides C10;1800;4×3 meter, 1 open sides C6;1800;4×3 meter, 1 open sides C5;1800;4×3 meter, 1 open sides C4;1800;4×3 meter, 1 open sides C24;2400;4×4 meter, 1 open sides C22;2880;4×4 meter, 2 open sides C20;2400;4×4 meter, 1 open sides D12;2400;4×4 meter, 1 open sides D11;2400;4×4 meter, 1 open sides D10;2400;4×4 meter, 1 open sides D3;2400;4×4 meter, 1 open sides D2;2400;4×4 meter, 1 open sides D17;1620;3×3 meter, 2 open sides E6;1800;3×4 meter, 1 open sides E4;1200;2×4 meter, 1 open sides E3;1200;2×4 meter, 1 open sides E2;1800;3×4 meter, 1 open sides E1;1800;3×4 meter, 1 open sides” images=”” img_height=””][/bt_cc_item]



Exhibition Area

31.08.2017 Thursday

Technical Presentation

28.07.2017 Friday

Commercial Presentation

28.07.2017 Friday

Product/Service Demos

31.08.2017 Thursday

Organizer’s Obligations

The ORGANIZER’s obligations are limited to the provision of the services specified below, to the PARTICIPANTS, in consideration of the Trade Show participation fee, and it is authorized to amend, make additions to, revise, and interpret the trade show participation agreement and the services as it deems necessary, without prejudice to the PARTICIPANTS’ rights.

• General promotion of the EVENT,
• Allocation of a space at the EVENT during the time frame 5-6-7 October, 2017, to the extent specified on the trade show participation agreement,
• Publication of a special issue of the COMPOSITES TURKEY Magazine with respect to the EVENT, and dedication of some space to the PARTICIPANT in the special issue,
• Issuance of free event invitation for the PARTICIPANT,
• Provision of entrance control, help desk, general decoration, music, and announcement systems at the EVENT area,
• Provision of general security services for the EVENT,
• Provision of general cleaning services for the EVENT area (The PARTICIPANT shall be responsible for the cleaning of its own booth.),

The ORGANIZER will provide the following services for the PARTICIPANTS which sign the trade show participation agreement, on top of the services specified above
• The booth will be set up with Octanorm System Materials, with a height of 250 cm.
• The tower sections on the front will be made of melamine faced chipboards, and will be 280 (h) x 50 cm.
• Each booth will have a locked room of 100 x 100 cm.
• The frontal banner placement will have a height of 300 cm, and will be 40 x 200 cm in size.
• The text on the frontal banner will be in single font and color, applied through foil print.
• Each booth will be provided 4 chairs.
• The table will be glass and 80 cm wide, with central disk or 4 legs.
• 1 locked cabinet will be provided.
• 1 piece of 100 w spotlight will be assigned for each 3 m2 of space.
• 1 triple power socket will be provided for each booth.
• 1 trash can will be provided.
• Furthermore, all booth floors will be covered with laminated hardwood.
• An additional glass table and 4 more chairs will be supplied for booths larger than 20 m2.

The TCMA is a non profit organization representing raw material, semi-finished, intermediate and finished product producers, suppliers and academic institutions of the Turkish composite industry. The TCMA was established in May 18, 2005. The objectives of the Association are to promote the use of composites in every aspect of life; to conduct activites regarding its introduction, information sharing, standardization and devolopment for the benefit of governmental and local authorities, users, manufacturers and scientific instutions; to make the necessary studies to base the manufacturing and usage of composites on scientific grounds. The ultimate aim is to create synergy by gathering the relevant manufacturers and scientific instutitons under one roof to strengthen the composite industry in Turkey.

Contact Information

Yenişehir Mahallesi, Osmanlı Bulvarı, Atlantis AVM., A-Blok, Kat:6, Daire:24 Kurtköy-Pendik/İSTANBUL
+90 (216) 685 12 68

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